Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This little girl is changing and growing so fast. Seems like her looks change from day to day and her cheeks are getting so fluffy! I made her a new tutu because the other one was too big even though it was very small but I still haven't figure out how to get some good shots with it and her....she wiggles so much to be so little! Anyway once again brother was napping {and we don't bother him when he is napping} so we only got a few of Jaycie.
I like this one...even though you can't see much of the tutu! Her little piggies look chubby here but they really are not{YET!}
love this expression!
I love this little hat that my friend Susan made......
That's all for now......we are in Revival all this week and so far it has been wonderful every service!!! I'm looking forward to tonights service and the rest of the week. Have a wonderful Tuesday =)

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