Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day......

The Teacher
Into the woman's keeping is comitted the destiny of the generations to come after us. In bringing up your children you mothers must remember that while it is essential to be loving and tender it is no less essential to be wise and firm. Foolishness and affection must not be treated as interchangeable terms; and besides training your sons and daughters in the softer and milder virtues, you must seek to give them those stern and hardy qualities which in after life they will surely need.
Some children will go wrong in spite of the best training; and some wil go right even when their surroundings are most unfortunate.... Teach boys and girls alike that they are not to look forward to lives spent in avoiding difficulites; teach them that work, for themselves and for others, is not a curse but a blessing; seek also to make them happy, to make them enjoy life, but seek also to make them face life with steadfast resolution, and to do their whole duty before God and to man. Surely she who can thus train her sons and daughters is thrice fortunate among women.
~Theodore Roosevelt~
I enjoyed reading that so much I thought I would share it with all of yall.....hope you enjoyed it!
Here are mine and Bobby's moms......Happy Mother's Day to all of you! Hope your special day is just ....Wonderful!
My Mama Bobby's Mom Yes, I know it is only Saturday and Mother's Day is not until tomorrow , but I will be gone then and didn't want to miss a Mother's day Post!

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Jessica said...

Your Moms are so sweet. :) You, especially favor your Mom. Happy Mother's Day!!!