Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just a little longer......

Our lil Kayden is mcuh better than he was but we have to wait just a little longer until he gets to come home. Poor Candace and Wade keep getting their hopes up because they tell them"maybe tomorrow--maybe tomorrow" but today they said it would still be a few more days. He is on high doses of adivan and maybe methadone (not sure on that one)to try to wean him off the medicine they had him on when he was on the ventalator but that should only take a few more days hopefully. He does tend to want to stay up all night now, and sleeps little so that really makes for long days for his mama and daddy. He is real shaky from the medicine and still can't stand on his own, but he is getting to where he can set up by himself. They are trying to keep him occupied playing with tractors and baloons and taking him for rides in the wagon down the halls but since he's little and has such a short attention span, I'm sure he tires form those things pretty easily. We did get to go see him yesterday but probably won't get to again before he comes home since we have to go back to work tomorrow.
We are still so thankful for all God has done for our lil *chubby bubby*

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Charin said...

I am so glad he's going to be ok!! Jessica had filled me in, and I've been praying for all of you :)