Monday, February 11, 2008

The Day After

WOW!!! Last Tuesday February 5th was a stormy day to say the least. We are very blessed to have little to no damage from the tornado. We could hear it coming and went to the hall, covered up with blankets and prayed till it was over. The tornado went through part of the field behind our house and through our neighbors yard two houses away. That's Close!!! There was A LOT-A LOT of damage done in our little town but when you talk to other people weather they lost homes or have damage to their homes they will tell you they are blessed or lucky(depending on who you talk to.) I say Amen to that. The Lord is so good to us and for that we are truley thankful. We went out the morning after the tornado and took some pictures. We almost didn't get back in to come back home because they had blocked all the roads but we took some backroads and got home and then stayed put once we got here. Here are just a few of the pictures I took. They can't begin to show all the damage done.
This is the Post office. The back of it was damaged, but the mail still ran the next day. I didn't expect them too but I guess tornados don't even stop the U.S. Mail people. No telling who's roof, or house parts this is........ Here is a shot of main street. You can see so far now....... How sad....... This is one of Brees friends house. This is the house next door to Brees friends house. Not much left here it looks like :( This is so sad.... I do hope they get the headstones back on the right graves. :( :( Here is the Baptist Church. It doesn't really look like it in the picture but they did get a LOT of damage, But they held church services in it yesterday!!!!!! That's encouraging and wonderful!!! Here is the Brass Door Motel......uuugh This is what is left of one house. This is a BIG tree on this house. If you look close you can see two men in it cutting away branches. If you don't live here or haven't been through here you would not believe all the cleaning that has been done by friends family and volunteers already. It is so amazing all the help that was sent to out little town. Again I say WE are BLESSED!!!

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