Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am so very excited that Fall is oficially almost here!!!! This is by far my most favorite season of all! The colors are so pretty in the fall...the smell of the air is apple cider and pumpkin bread{mmmmmm}....and a small part of our life seems to slow down a bit while another part is off and running{to ballgames}. Last year Bree spent the first part of the basketball season unable to play due to her ankles and feet swelling and causing her much pain....after a few months of PT she was able to play again ....and this year....welllllll.....may be about the same...her left ankle is once again swelling and causing her a lot of pain....last year we found out the she has fallen arches on both of her feet which is what caused the pain and swelling....not really wanting to go through physical theropy again this year but if that is what it takes then I guess we will.....she does wear orthotics now but they are not helping as much as we would like. The grandbabies are just growing like lil weeds....Kayden is in preschool this year and loving it...Jaycie is walking and trying to talk a lot but we just can't understand all she says yet...Kooper is crawling now and such a happy lil baby! All three of them are such a joy to have around!! My computer is not working as well as I would like(probably due to the thousands of pics I have stored on it-and the cd burner has quit on me) so I just haven't been taking as many pics lately...maybe soon though.... I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Saturday and upcoming Fall season!!!!

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