Monday, August 9, 2010

Now that Bree has her first car we had to get some pictures of her with we haven't took any new pictures in a while so it was a good excuse to get out and do that...of course I think we picked one of the hottest days of summer to do that.....and by 10 it was almost too hot to take any more. Surely it's gonna start cooling down some soon....
funny how just a few years ago it seemed like I would have a long wait until Bree was old enough to drive and date....Boy was I ever wrong!
a little bit of free advertisement for Catos{shoes}
**Her new license plate letting everyone know she is taken{Bucka's girl}**
And I also got a few of my sister when she came for a visit last week....
Only a few more days of my summer break left and today I find myself being so much to do but just not getting it done....oh well, I will just add it to my tomorrow list{lol}

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