Sunday, October 4, 2009

okay...this is not letting me move pictures tonight on here so the pics will be first and the post last.....hmmmmm....computers???????
Bobby's first deer of the season{yeah, kinda yucky looking ot us non hunters but to him it is a trophy!}
Bree and Dalton at the Tracks in Branson YES she wears her pants in her boots like that all the time! Josh and Melissa at the Tracks
Josh Melissa and Kooper at the Tracks
Bree, happy to be with Dalton!
And the race is on!
Melissa worked on college homework while we played on the go carts....
Joshy Boy!
Bobby =)
Boys will be boys!
Oh my goodness...I knew it had been a while since I posted anything on here but didn't realize it had been half a month!!!! Just so many things going on.....
* We found out that Brees ankle problems stem at least partly due to the fact that she has a fallen arch, so we are in the process of getting her fitted for orthotics that she will have to wear in her shoes and hopefully correct the problem...she stillgoes to physical therapy twice a week and it seems to be helping some...
* Bree was chosen as one of the homecoming maids for tenth grade this year....she is very excited!
* After some weird episodes with tingling in my face hands and feet and some semi numbing, blood pressure rising....blood sugar falling and a good scare with stroke like symptoms and a trip to ER we did finally find out that at least part of my problem is an underactive thyroid.....not sure if the meds will fix my BP problem or the blood sugar thing but at least part of my problems will get better....that is part of the reason for so few posts...just been too tired..........ZZZZzzzzz......
* Candace is engaged and getting married to Jimmy Linville....they haven't set a date yet..... but she seems very happy!
* Sadly, I found out a week or so ago that Candace will be moving back to Weiner.....and so will my babies.....this makes a Grammy very sad that I won't get to see Candace or my babies very much anymore.... I try real hard not to thinkabout it but sometimes it gets a little hard not to....
* Bree got VERY good grades so far this year....all A's and B's so far.....I'm hoping they stay that way!
*Bobby and Josh went bow hunting down towards Morrilton this past weekend and both came home with a deer.....needless to say they were happy hunters! =) I thought it might curb the desire to watch hunting shows on T.V. but I think it only feuled the fire! I'm glad they had a good time though.
* We had a wonderful day with the church last weekend at the Tracks in Branson..... lots of go cart riding, laser tag, bumper cars{which I did not ride} A great day for all of us! {see pictures above}
* It is only 2 short weeks till War Eagle Craft show.....I love going to that craft show and spending the day with my honey! Spring show got cancelled due to the rain.....SO I'm anxoious to see what all they have for the fall show.....
*I am LOVIN' this fall weather.....such beautiful days! I can't wait for the leaves to start changing to their beautiful fall colors!
Okay, I think I'm done for now....Hope all of yall have a wonderful week!


MansTouch said...

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Jessica said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better...I feel bad, cause I didn't even know you were having all those troubles. :( I hope you are all fixed up now. :) I enjoyed your post...cute pictures. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal,
Tell candice congrats from me and brytlee. Glad to hear that you are doing better and bree too.
I was wanting to see about getting some pictures done of brytlee and me. U did such a great job at christmas!! This time its just her and i though. Email me and let me know if you can.
Thanks, Brandi