Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wow! it has been such a crazy busy last few weeks...and this ole body is just tired! Sooooo, that is why I haven't posted anything new.....gotta get some new pics of Jaycie on here...she is 2 months already and growing and changing so fast....and I'll try to get some new ones of Kayden if we can get him slowed down enough! Candace is potty training Kayden now and bought him new big boy underwear yesterday and he was very excited....he told me when he got to my house that he got new shoes and new wonderwear!!!! lol......just had to laugh on that one.....=) Hmmmm.....I wonder....if new shoes makes children think they can run faster, what does new wonderwear help them do.....potty train faster? I hope so!

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Jessica said...

That is so cute. :) I was just telling a girl that I met up here today about Jared when I was potty training him, and let him pick out his own underwear. He didn't want to grow up, and wasn't happy about the whole idea of potty training. So, he picked out the white thick potty training underwear because they looked like "diapers"!!! That way he could still be a "baby"!!! I told him he could be my big baby, and he potty trained within two weeks, after spending from about 17 months to right at 3 without ever having gone in the potty a single time!!! He liked his potty to read on, but would never go on it until he thought that he could be potty trained and still be a "baby." That is so funny to look back on. He doesn't remember that. :) I hope Kayden enjoys his "wonderwear!!!!"