Friday, August 14, 2009

Today when Kayden was over between pulling out the toys, and books and eating pickles, and trail mix and granola bars and of course watching "CARS"{his I gotta watch it everyday at Grammys house movie } he was telling me about him and his daddy going fishing....I love to hear him talking in {almost }complete sentences.....
Me-did you go fishing?
Kayden-yah, I go sishin' with Daddy
Me-you and Daddy went fishing?
Kayden-I go sishin' on Daddys boat!
Me-did you catch any fish?
Me-was it a big or little fish?
Kayden-A big sishey, I reed in{reeled it in }
Me -you caught a big fish?
Kayden-yah, a big sishey in Daddys boat.....
He's so cute and apparently I have nothing better to do than to enjoy these simple little conversations with a 2 year old......I love to talk to him......he tells me every little bit "I luuu you Grammy" "I luuuu you Grammy" {ahhhhhhhh------sigh} This is just what it takes to make for a happy day in this Grammys life! And then to top it all off a smile from Jaycie! She too will one day make me smile with her sweet little conversations =)
So parents of little ones who in your eyes are growing up way to fast and you just want them to be your babies's not all bad....the reward for letting them grow up and become Mommies and Daddys are the grandchildren they bring home for you to enjoy!
BUUUUUUUTTTTTT.......I'm not ready for Bree to grow up that much yet either so I think I will let her stay my little girl for as long as I can!
And to top off all this fun....IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! YAY!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Jessica said...

Thanks for the reminder.. I am not really ready to let the boys grow up, but apparently they aren't waiting for my permission. :( I am looking forward to...wayyyyy in the future... becoming a grandmother. I hope they live nearby and don't get another baby sitter. :)

P.S. Love the pictures. :)

Karla said...

such cuties!!!
Question!!! how do you put your logo on your photos?