Monday, January 19, 2009

Josh and Melissa's Valentine....

Is it just me or do we almost immediately start thinking of Valentines Day right after Christmas? I've had Valentines Day crafts started{some finished....some DUDS} since the first of this month. Anyway I made this little picture for Josh and Melissa tonight for Valentine's Day. Now if I could just get myself in gear for getting my Valentines crafts finished. After the many many boxes of Christmas decorations just now getting put up in the attic {thank's to Josh because Bobbys back is in too bad of shape to be up there right now} I'm not real sure I want to go wild decorating for another holiday.... just yet.....didn't say I wouldn't though. I did have some wax dipped hearts with glitter sprinkled on them that I had made and put on the table ***until tonight ***when our busy little Kayden thought they were candy and tried one{yuck--poor baby} They aren't there anymore. Maybe I should decorate with chocolate hearts or Hershey's kisses or red and white m & m's so they are baby friendly decorations :){grin} Oh yeah....I can see his mama lovin' that idea!

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Charin said...

Aww :) I love Valentine's Day!
Just walking into Wal Mart and seeing all of that pink and red makes me happy. :)