Sunday, November 9, 2008

Random homelife news.......

Wow!!! almost all of the beautiful fall leaves are gone{on our street at least} We definately have had a pretty fall. Now the weather is starting to turn cooler and I am ready for hibernation. I like the time change because it seems like my family comes inside earlier because it gets darker earlier. I'm not sure they like it as well as I do. It just seems cozier to me.
Bree has a fractured ankle now. she is still on crutches and definately can not play basketball for at least another week or so. That is really hard for her since she loves the sport.
Bobby has sold a few trailers with his new business Ridge Runner Trailers. That's a start. We are hoping it will pick up soon but we also understand the economy and the uncertain state that it is in right now.
I am getting to watch my lil darlin Kayden in the afternoons while his mommy works. He is getting so big and so very busy. He has went from calling me MawMaw to Ga-eee{grammy} I'm so proud of him. He talks up a storm. He likes to have his hair biked{spiked :) } like his daddy's, and he loves to color and play with his cars and tractors.
That's about all the random news I have for now. Yall have a wonderful Sunday!
Here's Kayden with his hair Biked{spiked} like his Daddy's.......

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