Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No More Spring Break

It seems like I had such a busy last week over spring break. The problem is I don't feel like I got much accomplished. Well...Taxes. But Yuk...that's not fun...just necessary. No deep spring cleaning which my house is in so bad need of, no yard work, no nothing really. I did get to keep my lil darlin 2 days though and on Friday we got a new baby in our family!!!:) Bobby's sister had her baby..a boy!! 6lbs. 4 oz. Hunter Blake. Such a sweet little thing. Can't post his picture without her permission or else I would let you see him. And oooooh did he smell so good :) I love the smell of babies! So Sweet. We also got to see Bobby's older sister Martha and her family. They are on vacation this week . It was real nice to get to see them. We havn't seen them in a long while. Now it's back to work for 8 more weeks until summer. Looking forward to that!! We're hoping to get to go back to Colorado again. Ahh...I love that place. I get excited just thinking about it. No new pictures really to post right now, but if the rain stops soon then maybe I will get some new ones. Lots of ideas but I need some sunshine...or a dry day. Oh..and I am so excited!!! My neice Lacey is getting married this month(Woo-Hoo) and asked if I would take pictures(Well of course I will, and gladly!!! ) What an honor for me!!

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