Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Biggest Loser

About the only T.V. show I care to watch usually is **The Biggest Loser**
I like to watch the transformations of the contestants. It's amazing to me how much they can accomplish in such a short time. What takes most people a year or more to loose(and only if they are serious about it)these people loose in a few months. Of course they work extremely hard but the end results are awesome.
Well ....now it's down to 4 . It's so sad to see someone having to be eliminated after watching all they go through together and the bonds they have with each other. All of these guys have done so well and they all deserve to win in my book but I know only one will win. Mark and Ali have done so good at loosing so much weight, but Roger has lost the most and has fought all the way through the season to stay on **The Biggest Loser** -144 lbs.(WOW) And Kelly has too, although she hasn't lost as much weight as some of the others. She has fought hard. I'm kinda hopoing Roger or Kelly will win because they have fought so hard to stay on there and they were never voted off like Mark and Ali. Not that I don't think Mark and Ali havn't done well because they really have! But my heart goes out to Roger and Kelly for the strong fight they have in them.(maybe I just have a soft spot for the underdog) What do you think?
Kelly*before and after* Mark *before and after* Roger *before and after* Ali*before and after*
Didn't they do a great job?

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