Monday, November 9, 2009

Homecoming 09-10

Last Friday was our Homecoming , and Bree was chosen to be one of the sophomore maids this year....All the ladies were so beautiful that night !
Bree and her escort{also one of her best friends}...Lawerance
Bree and her daddy.....he was much more nervous than she was!
All smiles!
we don't have very good lighting in our gym so my camera does not do so well in there....if and when I get and external flash I am hoping they will be much better.....Ifffffff......
Bree and Bobby
Last minute makeup touches......
Sending a picture of her to Dalton!
Bree....Sophomore Maid 2009-2010
The dress we spent half a day looking for! =)
All this PLUS 3 great wins for the Warriors!

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