Monday, October 27, 2008

War Eagle

Last weekend on our trip to War Eagle I had planned to take pictures of a certain bridge that I had found on a web search. Luckily we didn't turn where I thought we should because we would have missed this beautiful old bridge all together. You can see it from Hwy. 412 around the Huntsville area when you cross War Eagle Creek. The fog was real heavy but I did get some good shots of the bridge. That was worth the drive, although the drive to War Eagle alone is worth making the trip. Especially this time of year!!!
Here is Bree on the bridge. It was so COLD out at that time. I do like how you can barely tell who it is on the bridge( a little mysterious...well, not to me, I'm her mom and I sent her up there ;) )I also love how the sun is just coming up behind her. The fog made it just perfect!
She loves taking serious I took advantage of it!
The bridge and fog all by theirselves......
And we did get our picture taken together although I do not like having my picture made for the most part. I'd rather be on the other side of the camera. It's a whole lot more fun!!!

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Charin said...

These are beautiful, Crystal!! :) Really love that one of the bridge, magazine material! ;)