Thursday, May 1, 2008

boys and sunsets

This past weekend at my neices wedding I got a picture of my nephews also. They are growing up so fast, and how handsome(pretty :) ) they have gotten.
I also got a few of my lil darlon' Kayden who got his FIRST haircut!!!! He looks like a big boy now. Then last one is of a sunset we saw on the way home. WOW !!! glad we took a different route. It was well worth it for that picture.
Going to War Eagle tomorrow!!! WOO-HOO! That is mine and Bobby's date days. War Eagle and Applegate(which no longer exists in the same place) Spring and Fall***two very special dates for us. WE love it. Or maybe I love it and he loves me enough to put up with it. Naw, I think he really does like the craft show. He's so sweet.
My nephews...... See-doesn't he look like a big boy now? No more least for a while. This was so very pretty.....

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Charin said...

Kayden's getting so big! :) He's a cutie. And that sunset picture's gorgeous, good job! :)